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Welcome to PlayerQueue

We are a new network aimed at delivering an exceptional set of resources to new and established content creators and players within the gaming community. Throughout our start up, we will be introducing new core services as well as third party partner content that will deliver a wide variety of networking options to the community. All of this in addition to our delivery of industry and gaming related news and access to our new MarketPlace.

Our mission is to be the stage for content creators and communities to develop their passion and build relationships with their peers and their fan base.

Championing the Fan

Elevating creators, fans, and the communities they contribute to is our passion for starting this site. We want to provide services that will allow those that love gaming to have their work, passion, and fandom broadcast for others to enjoy. As we embark on this journey we are looking to build a network to provide products and services to all ranges of gaming fans. Overtime these new offerings will be announced, so stay tuned! In addition, we are also bringing to life new website content to support specific sectors of our community.

One feature we are most excited about is the MarketPlace. This is where anyone can easily create a storefront, list their products or collectibles, and sell directly to their target audience. Having an easy to use interface is so important that we have taken the time to really lock in an setup we feel provides a great experience to our visitors. In addition, we have also established rate system that allows our merchant partners to be successful without worrying about losing too much to an abundance of fees. In the end, our MarketPlace allows for our sellers to have an easy site to sell their products and their buyers to experience a wider selection of products through a user friendly storefront.

Our goal here is not to create yet another fan site that offers the typical class guides, regurgitation of patch notes, or spotlight on the latest world first race. Other sites do that now and they do a fantastic job! We are here to bring the creators of their own content and communities to the forefront and give them a platform to network, grow, and reach their potential. So you’ll see things like fan meetup planning groups, fan-fiction story writers, reviews of games and story plot lines, streamer spotlights, and convention information. If you are a community leader or content creator yourself and would like to get involved and have your work showcased here, let us know! Just email us at support(at)playerqueue()dot-com and let us know what you would like to share. There is absolutely no cost in adding your stream, artwork, stories, and more to our site to be featured. We are here to support you and help you grow your support and fan base.

Welcome and thanks for joining us for our new adventure!






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