Orc Grunt & Human Footman Arrives May 4th

On April 25th 2019 Blizzard announced the official dates for Blizzcon 2019 and as part of the announcement revealed two new collectibles coming for Blizzard fans. The Orc Grunt and Human Footman will arrive in the Blizzard Gear Store on May 4th. These statues will also be available to all pass holders of Blizzcon this year in place of the traditional goody bag. Pass buyers will get to pick one of the two statues as their gift for attending this year convention. According to the announcement from Blizzard has indicated that these statues will ship out as Blizzcon nears. Our guess here at PQ is that these will start to ship in early October at the latest. Pass buyers however will have to wait until Blizzcon to pick theirs up in person instead of getting them shipping to their home.

Reviewing the high quality images released by Blizzard and available on the Blizzcon website (link here) highlight that these are part of the Legend series started last year. Currently the series includes Graymane and Saurfang, with the Crusader supposedly this year as it was teased at Blizzcon 2018. The statues are made of PVC/ABS and feature a (mostly) solid figure on a light base. The art style is closer to a Cute But Deadly or more animation-like design when compared to the other Warcraft statues that are larger and more detailed. Expected size for these statues will probably be in the 8-10″ x 8-9″ range. Current legends statues retail for $55 and would likely expect a similar price point for these new members of line.

Zug zug! Mark the 25th anniversary of Warcraft with this mighty axe-wielding Orc Grunt.
Image and caption courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.

Ready for action! Honor the legends of Azeroth with the fierce and noble Human Footman. Image and caption courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.

Images copyright Blizzard Entertainment.

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