Blizzcon 2019 Announced: November 1st & 2nd

Blizzard officially confirmed the dates for the upcoming 2019 convention in Anaheim, California. Amid the trickle of leaks and rumors, Blizzard unveiled on April 25th that the long running convention will be held on November 1st and 2nd. This continues the tradition of the gathering of fans and gamers at the Anaheim Convention Center during the first weekend of November.

Ticket sales for the event begin with the first of two announced waves happening on May 4th at 1 PM EDT or 10 AM PDT. The second wave will take place on May 8th at 10 PM EDT or 7 PM PDT. Previous years have had a “surprise” third wave, but there is no indication if there will be such an offering this year. This year’s sale will be handled by online ticket vendor AXS will bring changes to how buyers will handled. Prior years handled by other vendors were organized in a first come-first serve setup, whereas this year there will be a new waiting room setup. This waiting room setup will allow people to begin joining 30 minutes prior to the start of the sale and then buyers will be randomly selected out of that pool. Going away is the auto-queueing of buyers in an organized line.

Also changing this year will be ticket prices. The base pass will go from $199 per person up to $229 per person. A new Portal Pass with additional benefits will debut at $550 per person. Finally, the Benefit Dinner Pass will return and this year will sell for $750 per person. Check out our upcoming articles on the different tiers to help you select what is going to deliver the best Blizzcon experience.

Lastly, the other change impacting this year will be the removal of the traditional goody bag of random trinkets from most of the Blizzard properties or IPs. This year ticket holders will get to choose between a commemorative collectible statue, which appears to be based on the existing “Legends” line, of either a Orc Grunt or Human Footman from the Warcraft universe. We’ll be providing a review of these statues in an upcoming post. The statues will also go on sale for the general public on May 4th.

This is an exciting time of year as we begin preparations for the main event for many Blizzard fans and we’ll be striving to provide the best objectionable coverage possible.

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