Blizzcon Pass Guide

Blizzard Entertainment officially announced Blizzcon 2019 this week and with it they unveiled a new pass level with the introduction of the Portal Pass. The Portal Pass joins the traditional Blizzcon Pass and the Benefit Dinner option. Whether this is your first Blizzcon or 10th, it is important to know the details of what these passes give you.

Blizzcon Pass
The standard Blizzcon Pass is what everyone is use to for all these years with a slight difference. The Pass has seen its price raise from $199 to $229 this year. This pass still gets you into the door as expected for both Friday and Saturday. Pass holders will also receive one of the Warcraft commemorative statues (as we discussed here) in place of the traditional goody bag this year. In game items though are still guaranteed and typically touch most, if not all, the games in Blizzard’s arsenal. It will be interesting to see if we see anything for Warcraft III and WoW Classic added this year with their release. Blizzard also advertises they Pass holders will get access to “Pregame Festivities” in the plaza in front of the convention center between the Hilton and Marriott. No additional details on what they may be holding in this area, that is free, which would differ from previous years.

Blizzcon Portal Pass
The new member of the pass family this year with the Portal Pass includes everything in the standard pass. The Portal Pass comes in with a higher price point of $550 per person so naturally buyers expect to get more for their money. The first extra coming with the Portal Pass will be what is called “Night at the Faire” and will take place Thursday evening from 4PM to 8PM in the North Hall at the Darkmoon Faire. This will give pass holders early access to the Faire as well has access to activities, swag, and probably a few Blues walking around. During the primary schedule of the convention comes the next benefit which is the Portal Pass Lounge. This reserved lounge will allow pass holders to view panels on video screens as well meet and chat with Blues and special guests (expecting this to be community influencers and maybe some voice actors). The last perks focus on getting into the convention easier with priority entry into the convention halls, a dedicated security line, dedicated registration line, and access to a preferred parking area. It is to be noted that the preferred parking will still require paying the parking fee as that is not included in this pass.

Benefit Dinner Pass
The Benefit Dinner pass includes everything we’ve already covered and will be limited to around 275 tickets according to Blizzard. The proceeds from this pass will go to benefit CHOC Children’s. The pass adds the extra benefits of the traditional dinner with Blizzard employees, a signed art print, and reserved seating at the Mythic Stage for the Opening Ceremony and Community Night.

So what do we recommend? It really depends what you want to get out of your Blizzcon. If you want to maximize it then we definitely recommend the Benefit Dinner, especially if you are leaning towards the Portal Pass. However, if you don’t have any interest in that and want to know if the Portal Pass’s costs can be justified, it really comes down to convenience. The Portal Pass is going to get you into the building faster, into the panels faster, allow you get away from the crowds, and also bring you in to a new party at the Darkmoon Faire on Thursday evening. This will definitely be a hard one to pass up. For those who attend the convention solely for eSports or playing demos, the base pass is going to be the go to choice.

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