Frontier Announces Planet Zoo

The creators of one of the best theme park simulations in years, Planet Coaster, is getting into the Zoo business again. Frontier officially announced last week that they are going to be releasing Planet Zoo later this August on PC. The game will be built on the Planet Coaster engine which should provide a more robust and friendly experience for gamers compared to most “tycoon simulations” we’ve seen released. Frontier has previous developed games in this space that include Jurassic World Evolution and earlier versions of Zoo Tycoon.

According to Frontier, this game will feature “authentic living animals, rich management, and limitless creativity.” For those familiar with Planet Coaster, these expectations shouldn’t be too difficult to live up to. One item to watch for will be to see if Frontier continues the level of support for 3rd party creators when it comes to creating in game assets. We will revisit the game closer to release to provide a review, but in the mean time here is the announcement trailer.

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